Elimination of Syphilis in Thailand

3-5 page, double-spaced case study with 1 inch margins all around, 12-point font, with a title page in APA format  and using APA format for in-text citations and references.  (Note: Other than the abstract, your paper does not need to look like the case study (I will provide the example case study so you can see how to do the abstract)– that is, your paper should not be written in 2 columns but like a normal paper). You will need to research your topic and find at least 5 articles from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals for your paper.*  Your paper should use headings so the reader can easily follow the content – that is, each section that describes the PERIE process should begin with its respective heading: Impact, Problem, Etiology, Recommendations, Implementation, Evaluation. The last heading of the assignment should be “Lessons Learned”. I will provide a document that explains what to cover for each header.

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