Need to give a commentQuestion 1In online shopping, convenience is more or less related to the comfort in shopping. That include from without having to worry about traveling toeasy-to-browse catalogues. When someone speaks convenience in shopping, he/she defines how the particular item is most suitable to him/her in terms of cost, quality, reliability, and more attributes. While online shopping, it is better to study review and critics, product features, and compare prices. It feels more convenient as compared to sniffing every related items at retail stores. But every aspect has its pros and cons.With that said, online shopping might be quite a hassle when you have to deal with returning-items. But we see more in convenience, as we are shifting to augmented shopping. Let’s hope you can preview and view new couches in your living room, without having to get it returned.In terms of ‘easiness’, online shopping is above par than having to drive half a mile for store shopping. When factors like time, expenses, crowd etc. are considered, there is no better way than to shop online. Online shopping reduce an hour chore into minutes.Question 2Privacy is as important as convenience in online shopping. In fact, I wouldn’t have rely on online shopping if my privacy were insecure. For me,it has more to do with transaction information than the general information. Everyone has faced online theft at least once in a while, which are the major drawbacks of online shopping both for the consumers and the digital marketing community. So yes, privacy is absolutely paramount for the success of digital marketing.It wouldn’t drive me to completely stay away from the social media, but I would try to keep my personal information as brief as possible. As said, I am not susceptible to my first name, and last name or general information such as: email, phone, or address. The only time I might stop using social media in such cases, is if they begin to ask for detailed personal information or highly sensitive information like your credit card details.In case I eventually stop using social media, I might miss out on information on recent news, and updates but nothing that will cause trouble in my daily life.Reference:Nuryakin. (2020). Effects of Convenience Online Shopping and Satisfaction on Repeat-Purchase Intention among Students of Higher Institutions in Indonesia. Retrieved from: http://www.icommercecentral.com/open-access/effects-of-convenience-online-shopping-and-satisfaction-on-repeatpurchase-intention-among-students-of-higher-institutions-in-indonesia.php?aid=73169

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