Emergency Department

I’m applying for tuition reimbursement for my internship class.  1. I need a brief paragraph about me.  2. Please explain the financial hardship you are experiencing and what financial assistance would help you accomplish. I was born in Russian, I migrated to the United States  15 years ago. I will be the first college graduate in my family. I work as an admin in the Emergency department.  I chose public health degree due to my growing up without knowing what health care is. I wanted to be in healthcare so I can educate people “Please tell us briefly about yourself, how you chose your major?  How you chose the School of Public Health and your background, current life, or any other details that may help us know you better. ” – I need a paragraph to make it sound like I am in need. 1. Just like everyone struggling with COVID-19. 2. I have a lot of student loans, and this will be my last semester.

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