emerging issues debate

DEBATE TOPIC: IS MEDIA CONSUMPTION PSYCHOLOGICALLY HEALTHY DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC? LAST NAME A-J : “PRO” side of the debate – Media Consumption is psychologically healthy during the pandemic. Your goals in the debate will be to: Demonstrate understanding of the emerging issue and relevant research findings through a brief introduction to the topic. Display critical thinking skills, while demonstrating an understanding of the emerging issue that enables you to present your side in a rational manner. Identify at least two critical dilemmas and/or points related to the issue (e.g., ethics, socio-cultural norms) Defend your position with compelling arguments and predictions for future trends Select and apply relevant theoretical discussion, empirical data, and practical evidence from professional, scholarly journals. Summarize your arguments and position in a brief conclusion. Accurately use APA citations and references when referring to findings supporting your side of the debate.

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