Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence in Groups Final Paper. Paper instructions: Identify a topic or topic area that defines management group activity relevant to human services (.Emotional intelligence in Group) This identification will be part of the Week 4 Annotated Bibliography and Final Paper topic choice assignment, which also requires that you identify and annotate no fewer than eight scholarly resources to support your work. Summarize what is known and what has been researched in the field surrounding your topic of choice ( Emotional intelligence in Group) Include reference to two or three of the most current and important issues, questions, or debates that are guiding practice and research. Select one of the issues, questions, or debates identified in the previous bullet and provide a focused analysis of this subtopic, providing a discussion of why the subtopic is important and evaluating the most prominent positions argued. Support all analysis and argumentation with relevant theory, argumentation, evidence, and research provided in the course and outside sources. Your paper: Must cite and integrate no fewer than eight scholarly sources that were published within the past 6 years. No more than two sources published more than 6 years in the past may be cited and integrated if they are recognized as seminal works (classics in the field). Proper APA format 7thr required, including cover page, citations, and reference page.

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