Emotional intelligence in Physician Leadership

I’m in a Organizational Leadership and Management Program. These set of questions are to answered in paragraph form per the assignment requirement. I need help in expanding my answers with the verbiage. Due to a heavy stress work week, I’m struggling with having enough content to complete my answers. I have minimal answers and need help in expanding responses. reference book we are using in class for research is : 5th Edition Research Design Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Methods Approaches by John Creswell and J. David Creswell. My area of research topic selected is Emotional Intelligence in Physician Leadership 1) Why do I want to research this issue? I believe it’s important the level of care physicians provide , EI its just as important for better patient care, professionalism, team work within medical unit 2) What scholarly literature can I gather to show why I am interested in this issue? Medical journals, Peer reviewed journals 3) What Can I do? What will I do? Where might I conduct a study? ( possibly interview or survey participants) I can interview medical residents and or physicians at local hospital 4) How might I show that my research can make a difference? 5) What can I produce to show my research can make a difference 6) How can I ensure that any judgements I might make are reasonably fair and accurate ? How will I eliminate / minimize my personal bias?

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