Empathy Quotient Assessment

Review the homepage of the International Listening Association found at the following link:  www.listen.org to browse tips and resources to enhance your listening skills (click on the “Resources” tab at the top of the page. Take the Empathy Quotient test online found at the following link:  http://psychology-tools.com/empathy-quotient to measure your level of empathy. Review the “BEING Other-ORIENTATED” captions found in the sidebars of the textbook. After completing these activities, answer the following reflective questions in 500 – 750 words: Describe your results from the empathy-quotient assessment and comment on why the results are surprising, or not surprising, to you. Use specific examples.How do you think your level of empathy influences your other-orientation, listening skills, and your responding skills?How will you use what you have learned to improve your current listening skills?

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