Employee Benefits

Paying special attention to the differences between mandated and voluntary benefits and perks. Some benefits are required by law while others are voluntarily offered by employers to entice new talent. After reading the article, Types of Employee Benefits and Perks (attached), for an overview of the employee benefits area, conduct additional research regarding the different employee benefits offered today to employees by employers. This assignment has 5 parts: submission will be a 4-page Word document (not counting the cover page or the reference page) 1)Create a benefit plan for a fictitious company you select. First, select the mandated parts of the benefits plan you want to offer your employees. What are the laws that mandate these benefits? 2)Develop another list of additional benefits or perks you want to use to attract new talent. 3)Explain in great detail why you selected each benefit or perk and why you did not select others. 4)What additional benefits not mentioned in the readings do other employers offer that make them one of the companies that people want to work for? 5)As you know, health insurance coverage is not always provided to employees. What are the laws surrounding when employers are required to offer health insurance coverage to its employees? Utilize at least three valid sources of information, at least two of them peer-reviewed academic journal articles. Citing sources of information in the text as well as in the reference list at the end of your assignment is required.

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