Employee Training and Development

Lollipop Company, Inc. Lollipop Company, Inc. is a small-sized company in the confectionary industry and is based in Minneapolis. The company originally began in 2000. Fifteen years later, the CEO is in need of a larger facility, new machines, more employees, and better compensation and benefits plan. On top of that, the company needs to maintain a profit of 30%, but ideally would like to increase profit to 35%. Lollipop Company, Inc. is in need of a consultant. You have been hired by the owner & CEO to come into the review, and provide a plan to reach company goals within the next 12 months: Increase profit by 5% (from 30% to 35%) Move to a facility that has a larger capacity, ideally double the size Purchase new confectionary machines (minimum of 3 machines but up to 7 machines) Hire 5 more employees, including one operations manager Offer a more competitive compensation and benefits plan to employees Using the information provided for Lollipop Company, Inc., your readings, and your own external research, you complete various project assignments and make recommendations that will help the company obtain their goals. Throughout your project, you will apply transferable skills. Transferable skills are skills that you develop that can be transferred and applied within your chosen career. They are highly valuable and essential for career success. The transferable skills that you will be applying as you complete your project include: Communication, Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Digital Fluency, and Diversity & Teamwork. The CEO has identified a mid-level manager as someone to go through a training and development program for senior management. You are given the task of training this person; however, after reviewing the employee’s current skills against senior management skills, you notice a considerable skills gap. The CEO is quite stern that this person goes through the training and development program. For this project assignment on Lollipop Company, Inc. complete a minimum of a 3-page business professional training proposal that addresses the following concepts: Describe the purpose of the training specific to this situation. How would a needs analysis solve the problem you face with a skills gap? Discuss the key elements of an effective training program for mid-level managers to become senior level managers. What may be some opposing or other perspectives regarding the training? Explain the best approach to help the manager develop the needed skills for this career path. Provide an argument as to why this is the best approach in spite of some of the other perspectives. Remember that this is a proposal and you are the consultant. Make sure to format your document appropriately for a proposal. Also, remember that your proposal for training will go to the CEO. Audience specific tone will be important for this document. Transferable Skills for this Project Stage: Critical Thinking Communication

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