English Homework

PLEASE WRITE A 10 SHORT-POETIC STORIESA WORD MINIMUM OF 500 TO MAXIMUM OF 1500 WORDSTHIS NEEDS TO BE CREATIVE, TRANSFORMATIVE, ORIGINAL, & WRITTEN METAPHORICALLY.FOR EXAMPLE:It’s this unexplainable feeling of sadness, when my heart slows to nothing, silence intolerable yet comforting, solitude desirable more so than reailty. I refuse to wake up in the morning, refuse to face the life ahead, people, friends, strangers, myself, to live but not living. I am a walking dead soul amidst able-bodied intellects, able by thoughts and emotions, which I profoundly lack. Empty soul, mind and body, lacking a sense of purpose, sense of happiness and sense of life. A lonely creature in this earth, no one to share this dysphoria a feeling perhaps I made up. I long for the day when it’s all over gone with snap of a finger, the blink of an eye, a shot to the head and the heart. That moment when my soulevaporates into thin air, diffusing across this endless cosmos, never to be seen again. Till then will I still matter?

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