Environmental Economics

Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to develop an independent analysis of an issue related to environmental economics using concepts and theories learned in class. Description:The term paper for this course is an open-ended assignment that is intended to sharpen your writing, research and critical analysis skills. The project is designed to ensure that you are familiar with the process of conducting online research on an issue related to environmental economics and compiling a report based on that research using concepts and theories learned in class. The paper should focus on a topic of your choosing related to material covered in the course. The paper should have a strong economic focus and should use economic data and/or reasoning to support your analysis and assertions. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE SUBJECT FROM THE LIST BELOW TO WRITE ABOUT:· Economics of alternative energy (wind, solar, etc.)· Market-based approaches to conservation· Economics of hybrid and electric vehicles· Economic and environmental trade-offs in use of paper vs plastic  Invasive species economics (e.g., impacts and control)· Economics of fisheries management (e.g., U.S. catch shares programs)The paper should begin with a concise summary paragraph that (1) states the problem/issue/topic you have selected and (2) summarizes your position on the topic, anticipating your conclusion. The remainder of the paper should explain and support your position.Specifications:· A narrative of 8 pages (not including title page, reference list, or appendices).· A title page· A reference list (using APA format) with at least five sources, (At least 3 Scholarly sources) · At least one graph and/or tableIn addition,      at the conclusion of your paper please include a brief statement      reflecting on what you feel you have learned from the assignment      and how that learning may be applied to your life or work going forward.Please use APA format in-text citations in the body of your paper for all facts and figures and proof your paper for grammar and spelling.

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