Environmental Racism

I am answering the following question:  It has been observed that “environmental racism” – the practice of degrading and destroying the land and communities of racialized and otherwise marginalized populations by exposing them disproportionately to hazardous wastes, industrial developments, extractive industries, etc., is a local as well as a global phenomenon. Consider a policy or practice you see as an example of environmental racism, explain why you see it this way, and then explore the roots of the problem as well as possible solutions. The example you choose may be local or global and may be either an explicit or a de facto case of environmental racism. I have written a quick outline of the essay. It will be attached below. My essay needs to be about indigenous and black communities in Nova Scotia.   ATTENTION: Very severe on using citations and references in order to back up the claims made properly.  I need 4 vetted sources, one of them is already chosen. It is the book “There’s something in the water” by Ingrid Waldron.  If you do not have access to the book, some citations are in the draft.  Most importantly, Thank you!

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