Environmental Rules and Regulations

There are many threats to our environment created by businesses. Discuss one current environmental threat caused by an organization. Describe what the threat is and how it is affecting our environment. What steps, if any, are being taken to reduce these threats? Do you think more should be done? Do environmental rules/regulations affect the GDP in a positive or negative way? Explain your response. What if no rules/regulations are put into effect for a serious environmental problem, can the US GDP be affected by the lack of protection? Explain. Should businesses abide by environmental rules in the US when working in developing nations that do not have the same rules? Why/why not? What happens when other countries do not follow the same restrictions as countries that are working hard to protect the environment, does it create a competitive advantage for foreign businesses? Explain your answer. A website with examples of Environmental Threats: https://www.worldwildlife.org/threats

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