Environmentally friendly house

The instructions as the teacher tells us are: Using reference materials from any of the 11 units in this course, or from elsewhere on the web or your local library, imagine yourself building a home in an extremely remote area, away from power lines.  Discuss how you would plan for all of your necessities such as heating and cooling the building, how you could provide light, hydro and water at all times during the year, and how you would provide cooking fuel?  What other ‘smart’ and sustainable ‘Alternative Energy’ features can you think of to include in your new home?  Try and be as detailed and creative as possible, as thoroughness and creativity will score well on this Project.   Make sure to properly reference any ideas or additional information.  The length of this assignment should be between 1500-2000 words (not including references), typed, double-spaced and presented in a professional manner.  My course is Energy Resources (Alternative Energy) and we’ve done 11 units of study, which are; Energy Resources (General energy information, including but not limited to the general types of energy generation both renewable and not, the math behind types of energy measuring, and general information about energy generation) Non-Renewable Energy Sources: Coal Non-Renewable Energy Sources: Oil and Gas Nuclear Energy Solar Thermal Energy Photovoltaics Wind Power Bioenergy Geothermal Energy Hydroelectricity Hydrogen Fuel Cells

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