Epidemiology Statistics

Required elements for abstract section: One paragraph (not indented) No more than 250 words States problem/issue Explains relevance of topic Addresses method used (“A review of the literature was completed to…” Included short statement of findings (summary of important aspects of discussion section that relates to your conclusion statement) Includes short statement of conclusion   Required elements for introduction section: Half a page minimum and no longer than one page. Introduces topic of the paper.  Briefly describes or defines the topic terminology, if needed Fully introduces the background of topic and explains why topic is relevant and/or why the literature review is needed.  Includes generalized epidemiology statistics (incidence and prevalence) in this section, if relevant.  Last sentence is thesis or problem statement.  (Specific, with one main idea that is developed and proven through the research detailed in paper.)   Required elements for Review of Literature section: 3 pages minimum Peer-reviewed references   Sources are published within the past 5 years No Historical references are included in this section Two quotations maximum per paragraph Maximum 2-4 citations within each paragraph (in other words paragraphs have a two sentence minimum.)   Describes what has been written in relation to topic/question(s) Identifies the central issues of the topic by integrating what previous researchers have found.  Compares results of the studies without drawing conclusions from the comparison. Does not include an opinion-it is ALL about the literature (sources).   Required elements for Methods and Procedures Section: Topic Selection:  describes how topic was chosen. Resource Search and Selection:   Uses provided text updated “values” from author Libraries/search engines and databases used.  Uses provided text updated “values” from author Uses at least one database Search terms.  Uses provided text updated “values” from author Boolean strings.   Uses provided text updated “values” from author   Age of the Sources: Uses provided text updated “values” from author   Required elements for Discussion Section: Identifies and acknowledges areas of significant development and of controversy within the literature.  Identifies important issues and formulates questions that need further research and which remain unresolved.  Discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the literature available on your topic.  Expresses opinion and supports it with evidence and examples.  Includes and comment on evidence of literature that contradicts the opinion, if any.    Required elements for Conclusion Section: Restates topic Restates thesis or problem statement.  Provides a mini-summary of major agreements and disagreements, problems, issues, etc. Provides a “call of action” statement No new material is introduced NO CITATIONS

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