Essay for Reflective and Ethical Practice

Essay for Reflective and Ethical Practice module 20162,000 word essayThe Standards for Social Work Education in Scotland Learning foci 4c requires students to demonstrate: Understanding and managing complex ethical issues, dilemmas and conflict.For this essay you must identify an ethical issue you encountered and explain how you, reflectively, understand the issue. Using relevant literature and understanding of philosophical approaches, discuss your understanding of that particular ethical issue and identify dilemmas and/or conflict associated with it.To support you in developing your reflective writing skills we will spend some time in the lectures planning and structuring this essay. In order to address the essay question you will need to read some of the literature on reflective practice and literature (including journal articles) relevant to your dilemma.You can chose an ethical issue you encountered on your 3 week PLO1, an issue discussed in the ‘Reflective and Ethical Practice’ module or a situation that has arisen at university or work.

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