Ethical Concepts

Reflect on your own beliefs and the positions presented in the course. Demonstrate knowledge of major arguments and problems in ethics. Apply ethical concepts and principles to address moral concerns. Develop a coherent argument supporting a particular moral theory. This exam is intended to assess your thoughtful reflection on course content. You may refer back to your written assignments and discussion forums. But please do not engage in outside research. However, you must demonstrate that you understand the key moral concepts and theories you refer to in the course. You must respond to BOTH questions below. The exam should be submitted as a single file attached to this page. The total amount of written work should be two-four (2-4), double-spaced pages. Each answer will require 300-500 words to answer adequately. Longer is not better, but you must demonstrate sufficient thought and support for your positions.   Essay Question #1 Which moral theory studied in this class appeals to you most? Describe the moral principles, evaluative criteria, and metaethical commitments of the moral theory. Consider at least one objection that may be raised either from the perspective of other moral theories or from the perspective of someone skeptical that this moral theory is right. Respond to the objection. And explain how this moral theory would apply to one difficult case. The case should be a well-known or easily described moral dilemma and the theory should provide guidance to assist in making the right sort of judgment in that case. Or, if your theory denies that there is one right judgment explain why that position best explains the nature of this moral dilemma.   Essay Question #2 How have you views on ethics changed over the course of this class? The goal of this question is for you to reflect on your own beliefs around ethics through the course of this class. There is no correct answer, but I will assess the degree to which you demonstrate that you have seriously engaged with the topics in the class. I will also assess the degree to which you demonstrate the ability to understand how the class has impacted you. The following questions are merely prompts for your own thinking. You should not attempt to answer all questions as I am looking for a series of short-answer responses. Assess where you started when you began the class and where you are now. What, if anything, has changed? If nothing has changed, why not? Even if your views have not basically changed, have they been strengthened with more evidence or better arguments? Have you come to appreciate some possible objections to your position? Has your outlook on moral disagreements changed? How to you view others who might disagree with you?

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