Ethical Dimensions of Capital and Workforce

Purpose: The purpose of the research paper is to engage and challenge your critical thinking skills by arguing for your own application of a theory (or theories) of ethics to a practical issue in business ethics. Your goal is to show me you are developing a more sophisticated understanding of an ethical issue. • Description: Write a 2000-3000 word paper on your choice of (a) an ethical theory examined in the course readings (e.g. deontology, utilitarianism, egoism, teleology, moral foundations, etc.) in conjunction with (b) an issue in business ethics of your choosing. Paper will include: (1) an introduction with a thesis statement which declares the position for which you are arguing, (2) a body including topic description and your argument, (3) a conclusion, and (4) a bibliography (any formatting style is fine) including at least 4 academic sources used in the paper. While you must include references to our course readings, you are free to cover a topic in ethics which we do not directly cover in class. • Thesis statement: A thesis statement should be clearly identifiable in your introduction. Think of a thesis as the conclusion of your argument (while you will describe a conflict/situation, you must take a position and argue for your position in addition to describing the situation). A thesis will not be worded as a question but instead will tell me your position. In order to make clear what your thesis is, the thesis statement will begin with: “The thesis of this paper is…” • Sources: Since this is a research paper, your paper must use at least 4 academic sources. You must use at least 1 source from any of our readings/audio/video, which counts as academic. Dictionary, news articles, scriptures, and blogs do not count as academic sources (you may use these, in addition to 4 academic sources). Cite all sources. • Citation: In the paper’s body, you may cite by any citation method (in-text [author, page(s)], Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.), but any direct quotes must be cited directly after the quote. You must also cite general locations of ideas they derived from a reading text. Also, list all sources in a bibliography page at the end of the paper.

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