Ethical issues Arise

Ethical issues can arise between psychology and the legal system. What are some examples of ethical issues arising between these two entities? Use examples from this week’s required readings to support your claims. Consider the Christian principles of ethics and read the GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work. How might a person with the Christian worldview address the ethical issues you provided? Answer When responding to this DQ please consider what actions a psychologist must take when ethics and laws clash. What can happen when the psychologist fails to follow ethical guidelines? What can happen if a psychologist breaks the law? Which is worse and why? Answer Compare the legal definition of insanity with the psychological concept of mentally ill. What guiding principles and tools are used by psychologists to determine if a client meets or does not meet the legal definition of insanity? What are the limitations of these methods? Answer There is a difference between being mentally ill and criminally insane. What are these differences and how did insanity come about? Why are most individuals having a mental illness not insane? Answer

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