Ethical Problems Faced by Organizations

WEEK 1’S ASSIGNMENT: MASS MEDIA ASSIGNMENT This week you will select an 3-4 page article from a reputable business journal or magazine (not Investopedia or blogs) and analyze its ethical aspects. The article should involve an ethical problem faced by an organization and its stakeholders (See list of possible sources below).  While reading the article, consider what issues and perspectives from the Week 1’s Instructional Materials relates to this article. When you are ready, analyze THOROUGHLY the following points (Hint: Make each its own paragraph) What is the ethical problem illustrated in the article? Determine any special interest groups involved with the problem using Figure 3.4 from Week 1’s Readings as a guide. Who are they and what is their goal? How are they helping in resolving the ethical problem? What do they hope to obtain by resolving the ethical problem? How are they helping in solving the ethical problem? Do you think special interest groups and stakeholders may resolve the ethical problem? Why or why not? This analysis should be 3-4 pages in APA formatting. Remember to cite your sources and provide references! Submit your paper in the assignment portal.

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