Ethics Decision-Making and Responsibility

The Final Case Analysis/Critical Assignment must be at least five pages in length and is due on Week 8, Day 3. Students are to read the attached case study titled, Ethics, Decision-Making, and Responsibility: Tough Call Knowing Someone Loses and respond to the questions following these instructions.  The intent of the paper is to provide students the opportunity to further explore topics from the course, demonstrate an informed understanding of the topics, and apply relevant knowledge to analyzing and evaluating the case.   1. What decision would you make if you were Thomas?  Justify your decision using three concepts from the MGMT textbook (Williams) and three separate concepts from the Spiritual Leadership text (Sanders). 2. Assuming the role of Thomas, how would you apply concepts from Crucial Conversations (Patterson) during your conversation with Mike? 3. Apply two concepts from The Effective Executive (Drucker) that either Thomas or Mike are using or could use to improve their work performance/managerial practices.   4.  Apply two habits from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Covey) that either Thomas or Mike are using or could use to improve their work effectiveness.   5.  Apply two concepts from How to Win Friends and Influence People (Carnegie) that either Thomas or Mike are using or could use to improve their work performance/managerial practices.   Each of the above components must have a section heading and address the requirements as specified in the grading rubric.  In addition, writing quality and adherence to APA standards will be graded. Note:  The Final Case Analysis is the Critical Assignment for this course and it must be passed at an acceptable rate in order to pass the course. The Final Case Analysis/Capstone paper must be at least five pages in length with APA formatting (i.e. Times New Roman font, 12-point in type size, etc.). Title and reference pages do not count toward the five-page requirement. The papers must reflect the work of each student. This is not a group assignment.

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