Ethics in Business

As Milton Freidman states in his paper, “there is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits —“. Read unit three, Reading 3.1 or through Freidman’s paper located in the link here: Think about his justification for his position. Prepare an in-depth written position paper why you agree with or why you disagree with his stated position. This will require that you dissect his argument step by step and address each rationale he presents for supporting his position as stated in the article. Remember that this is an ethics assignment and not a marketing or business strategy analysis. Your analysis and supporting or opposing positions should be based upon ethical considerations. Your paper must present evidence of your knowledge relating to each of the following: Ethics as it relates to business. An ability to apply ethical reasoning in decision making. An understanding of ethical issues as they relate to business and profitability. An understanding of the ethical individual’s role in organizations and the correlation of ethical issues in business to the creation of a positive business strategy. Knowledge and understanding of the difference between moral behaviour and ethical behaviour. Knowledge of the process business organizations should establish to ensure that their organizations are ethically responsible. Your paper will be graded on the organization of thought, depth of analysis, grammatical correctness and supported the strength of positions presented.

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