Ethics of Critique Frameworks

On the basis of your understandings of ethics of critique frameworks, our readings and discussions in our course so far, and of leadership practice in community-facing organizations, please answer the following questions: a, b, and c.
a. What are the relevant ethical issues in this case, if we understand the case as framed by ethics of critique frameworks, such as Dewey’s theories on human nature and conduct, Freire’s concept of praxis, Gandhi’s concepts of nonviolence and truth, or others?
b. Given the framing outlined in your response to question a, what should the community leaders and city officials working on the issue do in this case?
c. What is missing in this analysis? How would other perspectives—those outside of ethics of critique traditions—help us to understand how leaders within the city government should take action in this case?

The following rubric will be used to evaluate students’ essays (100 points total). Essays graded A will
• Show a well-informed and supported understanding of the theories discussed in the course unit (25 points)
• Reflect a contextualized and nuanced consideration of theories and concepts discussed in the course unit (25 points)
• Accurately and thoughtfully apply multiple course readings and course concepts in analyzing the example (25 points)
• Forward a coherent argument; all parts of the answer presented tie together around a central point (15 points)
• Be clearly written and organized and include complete and correct APA

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