EU-US Privacy Shield Program

Explain, compare and contrast the EU-US Privacy Shield Program /Safe Harbor to US privacy laws – Why is this important and how does this impact US companies doing business abroad? In these papers I want to hear your thoughts, but keep in mind I expect a thorough treatise and I want to see good writing – this means proper punctuation, grammar and the like.  Also remember to pick a citation method and learn it – cite anything that is not yours, this includes summary information and not just direct quotes – As Cyber professionals you will all have to write a LOT for your bosses- if you are not a great writer – GO to the writing center and have someone check your work- Ask a peer to read through your paper and critique it – BE PROACTIVE and you will be successful!!  SHORT PAPERS: Prepare to do a deepish dive into subject areas for preparation of the CISSP. Explain, contrast or compare the subject – 3-5 pages of CONTENT REQUIRED (not including diagrams, paragraph headers, paper title or name headers), single space throughout the paper, no exceptions, 12 pt New Times Roman font, normal margins, and use diagrams when possible to illustrate your explanations.

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