Euthanasia and Medical Ethics

You need to write and submit a 8-10 page argumentative essay that is related to the topics that we are discussing, or that is related to any other issue in medical ethics/bioethics. You do not have to pick a chapter or topic or problem that we have gone over and write on that. Note: late papers are worth a maximum of 1 point. General Recommendations & Advice You should check with me about the suitability of your topic before you start writing. Also, the more you can tell me about your topic and what you think you want to cover in your paper, the better my answer to you can be. Next recommendation. Use at least 5 scholarly references (the textbook/readings don?t count, and you don?t get to use websites like videos). Don?t use the bible or koran or any other religious text as your scholarly references. Also, make sure that you actually use the references. Don?t simply quote a sentence or refer to the source once. This isn?t an exercise to see if you can cut and paste references from the web onto your reference page. That?s an important skill, but it?s not relevant here. Structure/Layout It?s called a ?research paper? because you will need to (a) do the research, and (b) write your argument based on that. Note, this isn?t a ?tell me what you think about xyz? or a ?describe how you feel about xyz? assignment. There are assignments like that in your other classes, but this is a philosophical exercise that involves an argumentative essay. Checklist 1. Did you use APA format (mostly for references)? 2. Did you select a suitable topic, and present a coherent philosophical argument? 3. Did you meet the page length requirements? 4. Did you use appropriate and sufficient References? 5. Did you write the paper? Did you avoid plagiarizing?

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