Evaluate Leadership and Motivation Theories

Task description

You are asked to evaluate leadership and motivation theories capable of influencing employee job satisfaction and emotional well-being and reflect upon and illustrate their value.
Note: If you have not managed someone in the past, think of a colleague you have worked with and how their approach to leadership influenced those they have worked with.

Part A
Leadership style impacts employee job satisfaction and emotional well-being. Provide three clear examples of how leadership style influences employee job satisfaction and emotional well-being.

Part B
Label your leadership style, using one of the theories explored, reflect on how you have influenced, positively, the job satisfaction or well-being of someone you have managed.

Task summary
Examining the contemporary leadership environment impacting leading organizations, you will complete a reflective writing 2,300 words piece on leadership and management containing two parts and which meets the criteria outlined in the Reflective Practice Rubric.
Including references to other readings to support and contextualise your opinion is required.

Task conditions
1. Essays are marked on how well the specific requirements are achieved in accordance with the assessment criteria in the rubric (see attached pdf).
2. Essays must follow the APA 6th edition referencing style from the CQU library and Google scholar(general web sites are not academic sources).

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