Evaluation and Rebranding of Destination

Compose a 3500 words assignment on evaluation and rebranding of destination. Needs to be plagiarism free! This essay will critically evaluate and rebrand Bangladesh as a tourism destination. This essay will discuss different aspects relating to evaluations and rebranding of Bangladesh as a destination for tourism. Every tourism destination around the world must evaluate and rebrand its present scenario regularly. Evaluation and rebranding will help Bangladesh to attract more tourists in the country. A proper evaluation will help the Government of Bangladesh to know their strengths and weaknesses and according to that, they can rebrand their country as an attractive destination for tourists. The tourism industry in Bangladesh is developing from the last few years and the Government of Bangladesh is now much more concerned about improving this industry. They want to earn revenue and foreign currency through this tourism. They want to offer their tourism as the best value of tourism in the world. The tourist attractions include historical places, monuments, sea beaches, resorts, and forest and picnic spots. Ministry of Tourism of the country designs some policies and strategies for the promotion and development of tourism. The Ministry also wants to maintain the Beautiful Bangladesh campaign. Dhaka, the capital of the country always attracts people from closer to distant throughout the decade. All the ages of people like to go to Dhaka for refreshments, education, job and shopping. But not only Dhaka, but the tourism industry now wants to promote other places also which have real natural beauty. If these places will get promotion then only these will be famous in the world. As a neighbor country India always supported the development of tourism in Bangladesh and will be supported in the future also.In this section of the essay details evaluation of Bangladesh as a tourism destination will be done. It is a small and beautiful country. In 2011 the country was listed as the best value destination by an organization called Lonely Planet. The country is having many rivers.

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