Evidence Based Practice

The assignment is asking to respond to the below discussion a 1/2-3/4 page and 2 APA reference will surfice. Nursing has evolved into more than just beside care.  It is now recognized as one of the most prestigious professions globally.  The responsibility of this, in part, is due to evidence-based practice.  Discovering new and innovative ways to serve the patient for the most beneficial outcome is the foundated goal.  As stated by Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. , (2018) “Evidence based practice enhances healthcare quality, improves patient outcomes, reduces costs, and empowers clinicians: this is known as the quadruple aim in healthcare (p. 7).  The patient comes first.   The healthcare organization I reviewed is Christiana Care Hospital, located in Delaware.  Upon venturing to Christiana’s website one first sees information regarding, the flu, covid-19 and vaccination information.  Across the top of the page there are designated areas for specific information.  Upon scrolling down there is information about the different facilities, having a baby, research, and risk assessments.  In the about us tab, there is information about who they serve, news about the hospital, love your health, quality and patient safety, and who are we.  Christiana Care includes an extensive network of outpatient services, home health care, urgent care centers, three hospitals (1,299 beds), a free-standing emergency department, a Level I trauma center and a Level III neonatal intensive care unit, a comprehensive stroke center and regional centers of excellence in heart and vascular care, cancer care and women’s health. Christiana Care. (n.d.). They also have a gene editing institute.  It can be considered that the entire website exemplifies evidence-based practice in how it is entirely outlined with resources, educational materials, and updated new and information.  As Crabtree, E., Brennan, E., Davis, A., & Coyle, A. (2016) notes “ Best practice only occurs when staff continually ask questions about treatment and care, have the resources and skills necessary to search for and appraise research evidence, implement the evidence in practice, and evaluate its effectiveness.” (p. 172).  With over 13,000 employees, and an abundance of resources, advancements, patient safety and education are important at Christiana Hospital.  In conclusion, my perception of Christiana Care Hospital has always been the same as is now.  I am a former employee and know firsthand how amazing of an organization is it.  Christiana is a teaching hospital where doctors and nurses take pride in teaching students and staff new things.  For example, the residents are placed on team based on colors, red, green, blue etc..  On those teams are handpicked and trained physicians with expertise in their specialty.  The residents are tested and encouraged to ask questions in learning.  If a code sounds, they are to run to it for experience.  Critical thinking is a must and rewarded upon successful hypothesis.  Too, if a student is in college, physicians and nurses will pull the student aside if something interesting is happening on the floor, and they believe is a good experience for the student.  There is much to learn at Christiana and growth sisters’ endless positive possibilities.  Overall, this is a wonderful organization to work for.

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