Evidenced Based Policies and Scientific Methods

1. Chapter 1 of Reddington & Bonham’s book and Chapter 2 of Mallicoat and Gardiner’s book address the issue of evidence-based policies and the scientific method which is at the core of that perspective. Please summarize and synthesis (bring together) the two discussions on evidence-based policy presented in each text. 2.  2) Discuss the political challenges associated with the adoption and implementation of evidence-based policy as discussed by Mallicoat in chapter 1 of Mallicoat & Gardiner.  3.  3) Discuss how the notion of ‘flawed policies’ as defined by Bonham in chapter 1 of Reddington & Bonham is related to the notion of the street-level bureaucracy as addressed by Arsneault in chapter 3 of Mallicoat & Gardiner.

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