Evolution of Nervous Systems and Brains

Evolution is a major theme in biology and will provide the foundation for this assignment. Choose an organ or organ system in plants or animals to explore its evolution. Research to examine the following questions (as relevant…you do not have to address all these topics, but these are some areas where you might find information.  Other topics may also be appropriate) General function of organ or system Significance of transition from aquatic to terrestrial environments Specializations of the organ or system for unique functions Role of natural selection in development of adaptations Are there any particularly unusual or unique solutions that particular groups have evolved to carry out the function of this organ or system? Are there any debates about the evolution of this organ or system? Your final product should have the following sections: Title (and Title Page) Succinctly describe contents of paper; use key words describing work presented Abstract/Summary Brief summary of topic, approach, and conclusions Introduction Definition of topic; scope; general findings; availability of resources Review of Literature (main body) Approach (chronological vs. thematic); evaluation of each source and its contribution to the whole; logical connections and transitions between sources Discussion & Conclusions Summarize key findings, present possible questions and suggest areas for potential research, A minimum of 5 journal quality sources (in addition to any other less professional sources you might use) All sources should be properly cited and referenced in APA or another formal citation format

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