Expand upon the need to demonstrate cultural intelligence.

Part 1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Expand upon the need to demonstrate cultural intelligence.How can you make sure you use the appropriate etiquette while being aware of the new organizational structure, values within, methods of communication, and diversity of the workforce?Part 2.What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Why? Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:As described by Cardon, P. W. (2018) “Cultural Intelligence is the measure of your ability to work with and adapt to members of other cultures.” As students of business Communications, we understand the business world became even more of a global endeavor with the development of InformationTechnology and that today more than ever before learning Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a crucial need for the business professional. Getting prepared and knowledgeable regarding CQ might just be the difference maker between a business’ success and its total failure. According to Cardon, P. W. (2018) “culture includes the shared values, norms, rules, and behaviors of an identifiable group of people who share a common history and communication system.” Business professionals must interact and achieve company goals with people from different cultures whether at a home office or at a manufacturer established abroad. This implies meeting important deadlines and completing projects while working and motivating multicultural teams who think and work differently. For marketing purposes and negotiations, it implies understanding the differences and similarities that conform the relevant cultural dimensions of the participating cultures. Thankfully it is possible for business professionals to develop the necessary Cultural Intelligence skills through training and experience. If there is a willingness to learn and a respectful attitude towards different cultures, it is possible to negotiate using the appropriate business etiquette while communicating and working with the diverse number of cultures that currently make up the global business network. – Blanca GReference:Cardon, P. W. (2018). Business communications: Developing leaders for a networked world. (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.Part 3.Be constructive and professional! Respond to the following in a minimum of 100 words:Using the appropriate etiquette while being aware of the new organizational structure, values within, methods of communication, and diversity of the workforce by being an open-minded individual with the acknowledgement and acceptance of how diverse the world we live in today is. Every organization has its own policies, procedures, programs, processes and incorporate certain values as well as different methods of communication. This understanding creates a mutual respect among individuals within a given organization, everyone does the right things for the right reasons, working towards the same goals with the same intentions to get same outcomes. This understanding plays a great role in work relationships, Productivity, job satisfaction and creative potential. Active listening and observation help a great deal in developing a better sense of awareness, attitude, knowledge and skills because some of us can be unaware of our own biases. Each of us is a unique individual, we can bring and apply our own values and life experiences to work; different point of views brings new ideas. To sum it up I believe that patience, courtesy and putting the effort to understand other differences can go a long way and it is ok if we are unsure of any differences, we can ask (one on one). When employees accept the differences between each other, it results in sharing of ideas and effective collaboration. -Olivia F

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