Experience of Palliative Care for Nurses

Specifically, the student is to 1. Provide a clear statement of a problem of importance to the discipline of nursing (in 2-3 sentences) with: a. a justification for the problem selected and b. an explanation of why this is a problem that needs investigation. 2. Examine and synthesize literature (nursing and/or other disciplines) pertinent to the problem. 3. Discuss the significance of nursing: a. explain why this problem is important to nursing science and b. why it needs to be investigated from a nursing perspective. 4. Present a potential philosophical/theoretical perspective through which the problem may be examined. If appropriate, include a schema (pictorial representation) of the philosophical/theoretical perspective and their relationships with a discussion of that schema. 5. Discuss potential research approaches: qualitative and quantitative. a. discuss potential research designs associated with each method b. formulate one potential research question for each research approach, and relate each question to the problem statement. c. choose one of the two research questions formulated and discuss the appropriateness of the particular research approach to answer the research question.

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