EXPERIMENTAL WRITING and DRAMA   There are various forms of experimental writing.    For this assignment, you have choices.     PART 1: Choose ONE of the following Assignments: Writing is an art form, but for so many, pictures are essential for interpreting the art found in words and/or song.  This project will merge the two worlds of Art and The Written Word.    You may choose to interpret language through graphic art, music, good old fashioned drawing, or any combination that helps your audience visualize your work.    Option One: Comic Book Invent your own superhero and develop the character through your very own comic book.  Your comic must be original and not already be in existence.  For example: A mild mannered English Professor by day, a caped crusader by night attacking the world of English and writer’s block one class at a time.  In her tool belt, her trusty grammar pen at all times because you never know when bad grammar will strike! Remember, every superhero needs an arch nemesis!    You can scan in and upload your hand drawn comic book or create a digital comic book. The story should have a clear plotline.     Option Two: Song Lyrics For those of you who love the art of music, developing song lyrics might be a good option.  If you were to make it big tomorrow, what would be your first hit single?  Then, design the album cover, using graphic art or art crafted by your own hands.  You may also, as an option, write/include music/beats to accompany your lyrics.  Perhaps design a power point presentation to include your music, lyrics and art.   Option Three: Poetry After reading through the poetic forms and experimental form poems, use one of the forms to try your own or make up your own form. This must include a visual interpretation of the poem. For example:  represent each line of your chosen poem with an image either acquired digitally or hand drawn, painted, sketched, etc.  Images can be still or moving.  What does your poem look like visually?   Option Four: Fiction Keeping Margaret Atwood’s, “Happy Endings” in mind, write your own piece of experimental fiction.  Design a cover for your story to represent your short story visually.  The cover can be hand drawn, painted, sketched, etc. It can include digital art as well.    Your short story MUST be experimental fiction.     Option Five: Drama Take one of the plays we read and reinvent it.  You can do this by changing two or more of the elements of drama. You may also decide to write a prologue or pick up after the curtains have closed and continue with a second act.  Design a playbill cover to accompany your play.  The playbill can be hand drawn, painted, sketched, etc.  It can include digital art as well.

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