Explaining an illness using a sociological perspective

***From the attachment called “Anthropology Lectures 1-3”, read that and then Write an essay (the second attachment) that uses one of the four main perspectives in sociology and anthropology to explain one of the illnesses or conditions listed below. 

Four main perspectives (choose one):

·         functionalist

·         evolutionary/ecological

·         critical

·         symbolic/interpretive

Illnesses/conditions to be explained (choose one):

·         cystic fibrosis

·         mouth cancer

·         rabies

·         antisocial personality disorder

·         sports injury

 3) In your essay:      a) Briefly explain the illness or condition      b) Briefly explain the perspective      c) Apply the perspective to the illness/condition          (similar to what was done by me in Lecture 1 and by Joralemon in Lecture 2)     d) During your discussion, support what you are saying by using          one class source (either text or lecture) and          one reliable outside source (remember that wikis, blogs and ask cites are NOT considered reliable).       e) Cite both sources in APA style, both in-text (within your essay) and at the bottom (end of paper).   f) Your essay should be a minimum of 400 words

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