Facilitate Change

Answer these questions a-What is the explanation of the paragraph? This quote describes, “leading by example.” Please share examples of personal encounters of someone who wanted you to behave a certain way, but did not do so themselves. What was your response and how did it make you feel? Did it influence your performance in any way? 3. If you were in a position of leadership and wanted to facilitate change, what do you feel are the most meaningful ways you can do so in addition to leading by example?  4. Why do you think leading by example can be so difficult? “Leaders of all kinds have a fantastic tool available to them for sending a subtle message about the behavior they are trying to encourage. They simply have to model that behavior themselves. And if they do not, the message to those around them will be loud and clear: “I’ll tell you I want you to behave in such a way, but it’s not actually that important. Otherwise, I would do it myself.”  short answer between three to four sentences  For more information on Facilitate Change read this: 

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