Family Law

Does anyone know family law and can answer these 6 questions? A paragraph or less is fine as long as the questions are answered.Explain two ways that NY domestic partnerships are different from the marriages with respect to rights and obligations of the parties involved. Explain fully.What is one way that a civil marriage differ from a ceremonial marriage in NY? Explain fully.Karen’s mother is Paul’s mother’s sister. Would they be able to get a marriage license in NY? EXPLAIN.Nan was 17 when she married Peter. She used a fake ID to get the marriage license in NY which showed her as 18yrs. Peter found out his wife was 17 two months after they were married. What legal steps would be available to Peter if he wants out of the marriage. EXPLAIN FULLY.Explain the difference between a void marriage and a voidable marriage. Give an example of each to show you understand.Mr. Leslie and his wife have been married for more than 20 years. For the last six years or so, Mrs. Leslie has been acting strangely. Sometimes she would wander away from home and he would spend days trying to find her. He explained to the neighbor once that she has “lost her marbles” and he has to have her watched night and day. He’s at his wits end and wants out of the marriage but he feels bad about divorcing her at this stage their lives. You are curious about Mr. Leslie’s options but would not be advising him. What do you believe he could do based on the discussions and laws we have looked at in NY? Explain and discuss.

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