Family Therapy

Students will conduct research to complete a 10-12-page research paper (not including title / references) that compares your personal family therapy theory with those discussed in class. Students are required to utilize Keiser’s online library database with ten scholarly sources (peer reviewed journal articles). No more than two family theories should be utilized. Specifically, describe your personal views of marital and family psychotherapy that constitute your integrated theory which include key concepts / tenets, techniques, and your role as therapist. Integration of three dimensions of Multicultural Counseling Competencies and a thorough explanation of how your chosen approach / method(s) will be appropriate / helpful for diverse families.The overall paper should be formatted according to APA Style and include properly formatted headings that correspond to the following sections to organize the information. Support your discussion with in-text citations and references per APA Style and include a properly formatted reference list. The reference list should contain at least 10 references, with at least 6 from empirical, peer-reviewed journals.Family Therapy Research Paper Components1. Provide an introduction section to convey the paper’s purpose and scope to the reader (1-2 paragraphs).2. Identify one- or two-family therapy theories covered in class. Compare your personal theory with your chosen theories. Integrate research related to your theory throughout your paper as needed.3. Discuss why you chose the theories and how it may be integrated with your theoretical approach and value system.4. Discuss strengths and weaknesses of your theory.5. Address cultural considerations, including MSJCC’s appropriateness for diverse groups6. Discuss areas for future research, clinical implications, and recommendations as well as possible impact on the therapeutic relationship and outcomes, and possible ways to resolve potential negative consequences.7. Provide a conclusion section to summarize the paper’s chief points (1-2 paragraphs).8. End the paper with a reference list that contains at least 10 references, with at least 6 from empirical, peer-reviewed journals.

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