FDR Essay 

Write a 3-page (minimum) paper: normal margins, typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, well-edited, and stapled. Make sure to focus on addressing the questions below in a well-organized and easy to follow format. Avoid lengthy quotations from the assigned readings.You should provide three full pages of original analysis, rather than simply copying and pasting large sections from the reading into your paper. Some small in text quotations are acceptable but avoid lengthy block quotations. Make sure your paper includes a proper introduction and conclusion. Any case of plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand the meaning of plagiarism and that you do not try to pass off someone else’s work as your own. Make sure to draw all your information from the assigned readings for each paper assignment. You should avoid including outside sources and focus instead on providing a careful and substantive comprehensive analysis of the assigned reading (which eliminates the need for a bibliography or works cited page). Please carefully read Einstein’s Four Letters to Roosevelt. Then, based on a careful and detailed analysis of these letters, please address the following questions. Make sure to provide a well introduced and well-organized essay. I suggest considering one letter at a time in chronological order. Why did Einstein write to FDR? What were his specific concerns? What did he claim was happening in Germany that prompted him to send follow up letters? Take note of the date of each letter. Does Einstein express greater urgency with each letter? If so, how and why? Make sure to reference specific examples from the reading as you answer these questions. THIS IS THE FEEDBACK I GOT FROM MY PROFESSOR: the last essay writer did a terrible job Your writing and editing could be better/stronger. E.g. “the United States was argued…” should be “the United States was urged….” And there are grammatical mistakes and typos that could be eliminated with better editing. E.g. “which would later become Manhattan project…” should be “which would later become the Manhattan Project…” There are various issues like this throughout. Your analysis of the first letter is limited. You never mention, for example, the issue of Germany and its work that so alarmed the scientists. What did Einstein write about Czech mines? Where did he advise the President to look for sources of uranium (e.g. Congo, etc…). You then transition into a new section titled “What was happening in Germany prompting follow up letters.” But it was developments in Germany that prompted the first letter, as noted in the letter itself. You want a full analysis of each letter, one at a time, and detailed description of Einstein’s arguments or concerns in each of them. You cite a lot of outside sources for a lot of your material, which could not have come from the four letters you were asked to analyze. Why? This takes away from the limited space you have to provide analysis of the four letters. You want to focus on them like a laser, and forget all the outside sources. What do the letters say? No need to include info on Walther Rathenau, ant-semitism, Beer Hall Putsch, etc…. It’s a distraction from the assignment, which was to analyze just the letters. I specifically cautioned against using outside sources for this reason. Why, for example, are you writing about the 1922 letter? What does it have to do with the assignment? Why not write about his three follow up letters instead? I hate to do this, but if you want to rewrite this, like with the first paper, and focus narrowly on the four letters, dedicating a lengthy paragraph or two to each of them, providing detailed analysis, then I will let you do that. But please do not use or cite any outside sources. Your entire focus for the essay should be just the four letters you were assigned to read. Also, don’t try to reshape this paper. Start from scratch, with a new organizational outline that looks something like what follows. Introduction providing context for the paper and explaining your goals. Paragraph one or two- First Letter Paragraph two or three- Second Letter Paragraph three or four- Third Letter Paragraph four or five- Fourth Letter Conclusion- Final paragraph. Again, please do not use outside sources. Just focus on the letters. Or, if you do not want to rewrite the paper, then your grade is 100 out of 200. But if you do want to rewrite it along the way I mention above then please email me to let me know as soon as you can.

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