FDR & Stamps of the Great Depression

HISTORY 2223 V01 Museum Tour & PRESENTATION/DISCUSSION Due dates are listed in the calendar on the Syllabus page. In this assignment, the student will tour/visit a chosen virtual museum from the list provided in the module. Steps:1.Go to the Canvas course site. In the Modules section, you will see a module concerning the assignment—instructions & links. Choose your individual tour topic. One student per topic. Look for the link to your tour from the provided links within the module. Go through the virtual exhibit/tour. Focus on the time frame of our course. 2. While going through the exhibit t take notes. What you like. What you do not like. Is the depiction fair or biased? What did you learn? Would you recommend it? If so, why? Was the site user friendly? Was it a waste of time, money, & space? Should it be an exhibit? What type of audience is it designed for? Does it fit in with what you have read or discussed in the eBook & class discussions? Be specific—Who, what, when, where, how, why, results, etc. If there is something you did not understand the subject matter, then investigate/research the issue. 3. Write a 5-page explanation for me—you can include the information above, but I want a thorough job. Watch for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, citation, etc. Cite the information appropriately that you use in your work. Check out the grading rubric in the course information section if you are wondering about the grading guidelines. A title page is required. Your finished, original work (in the correct format—MSWord document/file, MLA, Font 12 Times New Roman, 1” margins, double-spaced, and pages numbered) should be turned in through TurnItIn by the due dates listed in the course calendar on the syllabus page. The TurnItIn link will only be active during the previously mentioned time frame. I will not put up with sloppy work. You will NOT be allowed multiple uploads for this assignment. 4. Participation in the related discussion board to this assignment is required. You will discuss the information you found with your classmates. You can edit your original topic post to include the information found in your research. This is a two-part assignment; therefore, both parts must be completed to receive a grade.

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