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Each question needs to be 300 words. https://www.justsecurity.org/64193/new-legislation-offers-opportunity-to-address-2001-authorization-for-use-of-force-amid-fears-of-war-with-iran/https://news.gallup.com/poll/244094/majority-say-third-party-needed.aspx1)  Both the president and Congress play a role in decisions regarding the use of military force. What are the president’s powers in this area? What are the powers of Congress in this area? Read the article “ New Legislation Offers Opportunity to Address 2001 Authorization for Use of Force, Amid Fears of War with Iran .” Why do you think members of Congress have been willing not to vote on the use of force and to allow modern presidents (such as Bush, Obama and Trump) to take the lead in this area? Do you think Congress should play a larger role in decisions regarding the use of military force?2)  Read the Gallup report on attitudes towards third parties. How do Americans view third parties? Why is it so difficult for third party candidates to win in the United States? How would having more than two competitive political parties change American politics? 

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