Federal Violations

Please read the directions carefully.  This assignment affords you the opportunity to research possible federal violations.  Support your paper with examples found in the news, professional articles, relevant legislature, and or our text and coursework.  Proper citation and reference to your research are required. This paper will be submitted using Turnitin. Turnitin is used for written assignments. Turnitin compares your electronic submissions to Internet sources and a database of archived sources. Turnitin is a tool to help you learn how to cite your sources properly, which is critical for academic success. Turnitin automatically detects plagiarism and prepares a report for the instructor that flags content copied directly from other sources and indicates the original source. Plagiarism is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy and “unintentional plagiarism” is not a valid excuse. Turnitin provides some suggestions on writing structure and style. Turnitin allows you to submit your paper in advance and see the report. You can make changes based on the feedback found on the report and resubmit your paper prior to the final submission deadline. This allows you to use Turnitin as a tool to improve your writing and citation skills.

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