Field of Social Work is Child Welfare

The person I am interviewing is Christy Barnes. She works at the Arkansas Department of Human ServicesAll assignments must be typewritten and presented in APA writing style.Assignment 1: Professional Social Work- Field of Practice (Total: 100 points) Competency 1(P.B.-1.5); Competency 2: (P.B. -2.1) (Total: 100 Points) Due Date: August 28thThis assignment entails researching and writing a paper on a particular field of practice, program, or agency in social work. Students must inform the instructor of their choice before beginning the assignment. Fields of social work practice to explore career choices available to social workers may include the following: mental health, child welfare, criminal justice, aging/gerontology/geriatrics, housing services and community, substance abuse, health care, school, child care, international, etc. In addition to your text, refer to at least one other book with social work content and a social work (or related) journals as references for your paper. You will interview via telephone or an individual in person related to your field of practice to gather information. (Please use the attached form for verification). The person interviewed should be properly cited with your other sources on the reference page. Points will be deducted for improper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Students are to provide the following information in PowerPoint presentation. PowerPoint presentation must be submitted to instructor in order to receive a grade.Outline GuideA) Present a brief historical overview of the social work profession; discuss the profession’s mission, core values, purpose, and list and discuss social work practice approaches presented in the textbook.B) Type of field practice, with its purpose and goal. Identify client population (i.e. children, families, older adults, etc.). Provide a brief background on the development of the field and explain how/why it was developed.C) Discussion of whether clients are voluntary/involuntary and their source of referral.D) Kinds of services/programs offered;E) The function of the social worker including their degree level and whether or not one has to be licensed; address the agency’s preference for social workers and/or other related disciplines.F) Describe how the agencies social worker identify as a professional social worker and how does he/she conduct his/herself accordingly;G) Describe any value or ethical conflicts or the worker may anticipate experiencing. Also, describe any personal values that may present challenges for you working in this field.H) Discuss the projection of this field of practice in terms of decline or increase for the future;I) Address whether or not you might consider employment at this agency or within this field;J) Conclusion

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