Film Analysis

You will need to write a short analysis (150-300 words — no more, no less) describing the way the form is used in just a single scene and whether that scene helps to embody certain qualities of a genre from any of the films in Modules 6-10:• The Shining• On the Waterfront• The Fisher King• Hugo• Hot FuzzWhile some explanation of what is happening in the scene will be necessary so the reader can understand the scene you’re describing, you should primarily use your space to describe how aspects of form, genre, mode or any of the other recent concepts we’ve learned have been used in the scene to impact the viewer or convey deeper meaning or ideas.In your analysis, you’ll need to use at least three vocabulary words from Modules 6-10, with at least one term from three separate modules in that range. These terms can be found in each module and must be BOLDED AND PLACED IN ALL-CAPS in your submission. If you wish to use additional vocabulary from these or earlier modules, you are welcome to, but it won’t necessarily improve your grade. Make sure you use words whose meanings you completely understand.

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