Film and Text as Works of Literature

Film and text as works of literature. Objective: Argue a position through the comparison of two primary texts. What does that mean? You need to prove how a film and a text are both works of literature as they utilize the same or similar mechanics. Length: 5 pages in MLA format Sources: You must use a movie and its corresponding written source material from this class. You may only use one pairing. Use Poem Nightmare before christmas poem and the movie. Compare the literary mechanisms of a film and its source material. Meaning, show me how both texts are functioning as literature as opposed to a direct translation/adaptation of a piece. This means that you need to treat the film as something separate than its source material, so if using “Nightmare Before Christmas”, you need to approach the movie as its own self-contained piece of literature, and show me how it is successful as literature just like its source material. You will want to be making heavy use of the bold terms that I give you in lecture like Plot Arc, Rising Action, Sympathetic Characters, etc in your essay. Show me how these two works are both working as literature, not just that the film is an extension of the text.

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