Film Making

Step one:Write a four-paragraph essay about one movie–preferably your favorite–that you watched in which you learned from the transformation the main character (whether the hero or villain). 1.In the first paragraph:Provide the title, date, and director of the film,as well as a brief summary of the film in your own words. 2.In the second paragraph:Choose one character.Describe the character before his/her/their transformation. 3.In the third paragraph:•Describe the exact scene or scenes when the character transforms him, her, themselves.•Describe the obstacles he/she/they overcome. •Is there a recognition or reversal as described by Aristotle?If so, describe.•What were the lessons learned by the character?5.In the fourth paragraph:•Does the observer experience a catharsis,as described by Aristotle when watching this film?•What can an observer learn about the character and the transformation?Provide examples using scenes in the film.•Did the character’s transformation relate to your own life? If so, how?•Can you apply any of the lessons learned to your own life? If so, how?

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