Film Review

For this discussion, please watch Nikki Stockley’s 1998 documentary Contact: After viewing the film, please post your reaction in 450-500 words use the following to frame your reaction: Listening to the accounts from abductees and other speakers in the film, what are some of the ways they frame their experiences and understanding of “contact” with alien beings? What religious elements are present, and how might their interpretations speak to some spiritual “yearning” not fulfilled by traditional religious beliefs or a scientific epistemology? Filmed in the mid 1998s, this documentary was created during the “peak” of American interest in UFO abductions (during the same time Susan Lepselter conducted her own ethnographic fieldwork). What possible impact might the early days of the internet have had on the popularity of abduction narratives? How do these abductees inhabit a different “reality” from others, and do you see any connections with the different social realities we inhabit (especially online) in 2020? For more information check:

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