Final Ethnography Paper

The Final Ethnography Project will be preceded by the  Research Proposal—and many of the components expected in that assignment will be useful and needed for this assignment, too.  Students are expected to have looked over that instructional sheet before looking over this one.  The Final Ethnography Project is the culmination of a semester’s long collective research process that includes three primary data gathering methods:  a.) Interviews b.) Participant observation and c.) Ethnography.  The Final Ethnography project is to be completed in the format noted below.  Students are encouraged to be creative in how they compose the content of their presentations, but they must stick to the format noted below or face a deduction of points Once again, the main subject to everything is on the movie called DeepSouth, here is the link to the movie: This is just the overall final paper with everything included that we have done throughout the semester.  Below, I will leave all the instructions that are needed for this paper. This paper also requires to come with a powerpoint paper presentation. The powerpoint includes everything from the paper, just a summary of each section; such as, introduction, rationale, literature review, methods, themes, discussion, conclusion, and references.  Here is also the link to the youtube video for the instructions of the paper: I will attach the work that was done from the research proposal and annotated bibliography to incorporate what was done from that to the final project.

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