Final Short Answer Scenarios

You may have access to class materials (announcements, PowerPoints, module introductions, and the like) and course readings, but all answers must be your own.  If any information is found to have come from outside the posted class materials and two standalone texts (online analyses and websites, secondary research materials, other students, tutors, family members, etc.), you will not receive credit for that question.   Please answer the following questions.  Each may be answered in 1-2 well-developed paragraphs.  You do not need to create a dialogue or write as the characters; you can just describe and explain.  Do not do extra questions. b)  Margaret Oliphant and Agatha Christie meet one another at an evening party.  What would be their reaction to each other, based on your knowledge of their mindsets that they convey though “The Open Door” and “The Blue Geranium”?     c)  The narrator of “Loose Change” unexpectedly finds herself near Sandy’s convent after having missed her bus.  She decides to go in and talk to Sister Helena of the Transfiguration about her encounter with Laylor.  What would be Sandy’s reaction to her visitor and her story?

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