Financial Budgeting

This task requires you to examine and analyse a selected budget within your company to draw conclusions and recommendations regarding its effectiveness as a mechanism for monitoring costs and performance within your company. Company is Amazon. As part of this examination you are required to analyse the cost elements within the budget so as to understand the cost structure of the company and key factors influencing it.  Instructions: 1. Select a budget from your company, and develop an understanding of the budget composition, including key cost (and revenue) elements and the factors that drive those elements. In addition, develop an understanding of the preparation and the monitoring process for this budget. You may wish to meet with the individuals who are responsible for preparing, authorizing, managing or implementing the budget and /or access relevant organizational documentation. 2. Prepare a report in which you describe, analyze and critique the budget preparation and monitoring process. In your discussion, identify any pitfalls associated with the budget process, and actions which you recommend could be taken to improve the either the budget process or performance against the budget. Also comment on the cost structure and any recommendations you may have in relation to this.

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