Financial Statement Fraud

InstructionsThis project will consist of a short paper (approximately 2 pages double spaced) that discusses one corporation and how it became involved in financial statement fraud. Choose a single organization in the last 5 years (see examples on the attached document) that has had a fraud within its financial statements. References should be used when needed. Include the following:Part I: The background of the company. Discuss the financial fraud scheme and when it took place. How were financial statements falsified? Explain how it was done. Also, who was involved? How were the individuals caught? What authority investigated the fraud? Examples include local police, fraud accountants, or the FBI.Part II: What was the impact on the financial statements? Who are some of the external users of the financial statement, and how did the fraud most likely impact their decision making?Part III: What was the motivation for the perpetrator(s) to commit the fraud?Part IV: What are the consequences for the individual(s) who committed the fraud? What alternative actions could have been taken (instead of committing fraud)? Keeping in mind the Daniel Funds Ethics Initiative Principles (see below), What would you have done if you were aware of co-workers who were involved in financial fraud? Would you report it to management or the board of directors, or would you keep quiet? Explain your answer

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